Royal Statistical Society International Conference 2024

Speakers (running order to be determined)

Professor Matt Nunes (University of Bath)

Professor Gesine Reinert (University of Oxford)

Dr Francesco Sanna Passino (Imperial College London).

Note: to attend RSS 2024 please register at the RSS website (NOT the NeST website)

Summary: This session considers dynamic networks that occur in many fields of science, technology and medicine, as well as everyday life. Whilst simple stochastic network models are well-established in maths and computer science, the recent explosion of dynamic network data has exposed a gap in our ability to process real-life networks. Classical network models have led to a body of beautiful mathematical theory, but do not always capture the rich structure and temporal dynamics seen in real data, nor are they geared to answer practitioners’ typical questions, e.g. relating to forecasting, anomaly detection or data ethics issues. This session presents talks in the area of dynamic network stochastic processes and time series. This session lies at the intersection of Data Science, Theory and Methods and encapsulates a diverse range of areas ranging from applied probability, to applications and computation.

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